Thursday, August 9, 2012

Deep Purple and John Lord

I want to devote the blog to legendary group Deep Purple and to John Lord.The Literal translation of the name of group (is dark-purple)."Deep Purple" it is taken from the song name - to a favourite song of grandmother Ritchi Blekmora. This plate has been written down still by Bingom of Crosby before war. The final decision to be called "Deep Purple" has ripened during the Scandinavian tours. The first plate "Shades Of Deep Purple" ("Shades crimson") has been written down all for 2 days on Saturday and Sunday on May, 11-12th. And on 13th of May on Monday sound producer Derek Lourens has created record and a matrix tape was ready.

Last month on July, 16th, the keyboard player of group John Lord has died. It is irreplaceable loss in the music world. Lately, on a state of health, it could not act, but always was soul of group! Its compositions gave to group the colour and singularity of sounding. My site is devoted to John Lorda's light memory.

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